When speaking about a company’s well-being we must consider business success along with the employees’ comfort and prosperity as well. These two must work in a team to empower your company, otherwise, their dissonance will drop your business down. Organizations need to realize that team’s well-being is about understanding employees, which can be only achieved within employee-centric organizations. And here, no better tool than communication has ever existed.

Rolique is a company with a people-first culture, and we are pleased to have a Psychology Consultant Natalka Ilchyshyn for supporting and advising us on continuing corporate well-being.

We had an interview…

Hey, you’ve probably already heard about Service Workers. Sure thing — you’ve heard. That is such a useful proxy between your web app and the network that has access to the cache storage, and not only.
I think every site should have a Service Worker and in this article, I’ll explain the main benefits of using it together with Cache API.

This article is written by Vitalii Manchenko

Why should I read further?

Do you know that without much work you can speed up your website a few times? …

This article is written by Rostyslav Moroziuk

What is Electron?

Electron is a framework for building desktop apps with web technologies. We can build cross-platform applications and run them on all platforms (macOS, Ubuntu, Linux, or Windows) just by using JavaScript. Electron is being adopted by big organizations such as Microsoft, Facebook, Twitch, so we can be sure that this framework can cover all our needs in desktop application development. Thanks to Electron, you can focus on your application instead of the technologies that you need to use.

Why do we integrate Electron into our existing React app?

We wanted to get a desktop application without any changes to our existing codebase for…

While EventstoreDB is just gaining its popularity, some have already called it one of the most useful tools for implementing event-driven architecture. However, there is just a pinch of information online about EventstoreDB.
And, considering that I don’t want to keep you in the dark, I’ve prepared a guide on setting up an EventStoreDB cluster with AWS.

Written by Oleg Koval

The EventStoreDB cluster functions without shared disks. How does it work then? It uses the shared-nothing philosophy according to its principle you have three different physical drivers (aka nodes). …

Photo by Pawel Nolbert on Unsplash

Alright, so you’ve decided to do something nice and shiny, and now you’re working on the JavaScript library, which is actually written with beloved TypeScript, aren’t you? Very well.

Does your smartphone mean communication only? It’s common knowledge, that this gadget is no longer just for phone calls and messages. Nowadays, smartphone’s functionality helps us to resolve our daily tasks like banking, making payments, tracking health and physical activities, checking bills and documentation, and plenty more, including management of the entire social life of the user. There are possibilities we can barely imagine today, but they will become a reality of tomorrow. However, even now, a smartphone is capable enough to become the eyes of its user.

One of the first applications for visually impaired people was developed in…

The coronavirus crisis has accelerated the arrival of the digital future into today’s reality. The new normal restrictions and rules make us spend most of our lives online, therefore, more than half of the world uses social media. This is a trend with lasting effects. It concerns all spheres of our brand-new reality. Moreover, the changes in the digital landscape and the way we Internet, became crucial markers for economics and businesses to explore, not only for survival but benefit from.

The latest report on how we go digital in 2020 was produced in October by Hootsuite and We are…

Many automakers, technology providers, and service operators have announced, they are planning to launch robo-taxis before 2025. The previous year became a confident start for them. Several tech companies admitted, they had passed the most striking milestone in robocar history. Namely, Chinese robo-taxi firm AutoX started operation in Shenzen, GM/Cruise successfully ran test vehicles in San Francisco, Waymo, Zoox opened robo-taxi ride services.

Hereafter, automotive innovators got a green light to change the ride. The roads and markets all over the world are thrilled to welcome self-driving cars. While waiting for automotive vehicles to enter our daily routine, let’s go…

(so you don’t have to)

Developers operate with an endless stream of information every day. The speed of analyzing and digesting the raw data is crucial to your professional growth. These days, we don’t have much free time for self-education, so we all need to learn on the go. To put it simply: the faster we perceive and digest new information, the better professional we become. Yet, by learning faster, we tend to drop out and overlook tiny but very significant bits of information.

Written by Oleg Koval

Remember the last time you’ve brushed through a new piece of theory in an interesting article but…

Selenide and Selenoid are popular test frameworks with great capabilities you just need to explore for reducing time spent on typical bugs and have business logic in a focus. Running Selenoid with Docker Compose file adds even more advantages to the whole process.
We’ll take some basic Selenide project with TestNG, check its core features, learn how to connect our project with Selenoid, and run it with Docker Compose file. That will be simple, the only a few steps to follow.

Written by Nazar Masliy

1.Selenide + TestNG + Maven

To build and manage our project we’ll use Maven, therefore we need to configure our…


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